Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Store Okeynotes


Upon the clearance of your money order payment, we shall issue a collection letter to confirm your order(s). Thereafter, no refund of payment and/or cancellation of orders shall be allowed. However, Store Okeynotes reserves the right not to process or reject any such confirmed order on reasonable ground, e.g. unforeseen stock product unavailability, events beyond the control of Store Okeynotes

Order(s) is/are subjected to stock availability and orders may be partially fulfilled without prior notice in case of oversubscription.

The collection letter will set out the quantity that has been allocated to you, and Store Okeynotes shall refund you any monies that it has received from you in respect of any quantities that have not been allocated.

A refund will be made in the event that a customer is not allocated the item(s) due to the item is no longer available.

Store Okeynotes reserves the right to refuse any collection at our discretion if we are not satisfied with proof of identity produced.

Please allow 2 weeks for overseas delivery upon confirmation of orders.

Store Okeynotes reserves the right to amend the terms & conditions herein without prior notice to the Customer.